Drone Warfare


Luke ('20) is from Connecticut, majoring in Government and minoring in Public Policy and Middle Eastern Studies. Specifically, he is interested in US foreign and defense policy, and the use of drones. While proficient in Spanish from traveling and studying in Latin America, he has also taken up Arabic and developed an appreciation for the language and culture. In addition to the Political Violence Lab, Luke is a senior editor for World Outlook, Dartmouth's Undergraduate International Affairs Journal, and a researcher at the Rockefeller Center's Policy Research Shop, where he has analyzed possible drone regulation for New Hampshire. Luke is a passionate rugby player who starts for Dartmouth and has represented the United States at the youth international level.

Tim Holman

Tim ('20) hails from Cleveland, Ohio. At Dartmouth, Tim is pursuing a major in Government with a minor in Public Policy. He has continued his passion for student governance as an elected member of Student Assembly and the Undergraduate Finance Committee. Additionally, he is a Dartmouth Tour Guide and a member of the Hill Winds Society.

Reid Funston

Reid ('20) is from Atlanta. He is majoring in Government and English, with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies, and is a member of Dartmouth's policy debate team, which competes at the national level and has contributed to his interest in political science. Reid is particularly interested in the foreign policies of states in the Middle East, and he has studied abroad in Morocco with Dartmouth’s Arabic program.

Audrey ('20) is from New Jersey. She is pursuing a major in economics with a focus on international trade. Outside of the Political Violence Lab, she is a member of the varsity sailing team, where she competes for Dartmouth during the fall and spring seasons. Her interest in international affairs comes from a love of travel, and she has studied abroad with in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Audrey Giblin

Summer ('20) is from New York City. She is a Quantitative Social Science major and an International Studies minor interested in spatial analysis of global social issues, ranging from segregation within cities to movements of participants in wars. In addition to working in the Political Violence Lab, she is helping the geography department create a GIS database of historical human interactions in New England; she documents and digitalizes data about birthplaces and current residences from marriage records to observe changes in interactions over time. She is also the Research and Analysis Chair of the Inter-Sorority Council, where she conducts research into potential issues in the Greek System and generates recommendations for policy changes in the future based on results. When not working, she is probably reading, playing badminton at the gym, waiting on the KAF line, or down by the river for a swim.

Summer Jing

Alex Rounaghi ('20) studies government, history, and public policy, with a particular focus on the Middle East, at the College. Outside of the Political Violence lab, he is involved with College Democrats, the Dartmouth Law Journal, and the Ethics Institute's Supreme Court Seminar. Alex also served as a Judicial Intern for Judge John Mott of the D.C. Superior Court through the Rockefeller Center’s First Year Fellows program. Alex loves going to the beach (during breaks), hiking, and running. After graduating Dartmouth, he hopes to find exciting ways to pursue his interests in law and national security. 

Alex Rounaghi

Zach ('20) studies math with a focus on statistics at Dartmouth. Along with his work for the Political Violence Lab, Zach is the Vice Chair of the Dartmouth West House Council and a Leader on the Climbing team. Zach is interested in the various applications of statistics in social sciences and other fields. 

Zach Segal

Sam ('19) grew up in New Jersey and graduated summa cum laude from Demarest High School. At Dartmouth, Sam is a Government major, focusing on international relations and political analysis. On campus, he is a pole vaulter on the Track and Field Team, a student-alumni ambassador in the Hill Winds Society, a peer tutor in Government and French courses, and a Rockefeller Leadership Fellow. In the past, he has also worked as a project leader on the Business Staff of The Dartmouth Newspaper. His work experience includes working as a Commercial Service Intern at the US Embassy in Paris and as a Business Development Intern at Vocate. In his free time, Sam enjoys hiking, running, and spending time with his friends.

Sam Siegel

Nick ('20) hails from Seattle, Washington where he grew up in a Cantonese-speaking household, studied Mandarin throughout Elementary school, French in High School, and continues to study French in addition to Diné (Navajo) at Dartmouth. At Dartmouth, Nicholas is also a Native American Studies and Government double major and a Sophomore Research Scholar. His goal is to promote international understanding — particularly in advancing indigenous rights, sovereignty, and affairs — in a “post”-colonial international order that has systemically branded indigenous peoples as insurgent groups or displaced dependents. On campus, Nicholas is involved with the Dartmouth Law Journal, archives at the Rauner Special Collection Library, PRIDE Programming Committee, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) Committee, and the Dartmouth Minority Pre-Law Association. After graduation, Nicholas plans to enlist with the Peace Corps before attending IR graduate school or law school.

Nick Woo